Why don’t the Jews recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah?

They do not consider the Messiah Christ. In their eyes, he is an impostor.

What kind of Messiah is the Jews waiting for?

This must be one of King David’s descendants, who will come to Israel and deliver the Jews. They will no longer be persecuted, all the Jews will gather. Their peace will be established throughout the earth. There will be no more wars.

All people will be like brothers. Everyone will recognize God and obey His commandments.

Peace between peoples

They believe that Jesus Christ is not the Messiah because after his arrival, peace was not established. On the contrary, the three major religions — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — are still in conflict. The Middle East is still plunged into the abyss of fighting.

There is still no peace, which means, according to the Jews, that the Messiah has not reached Earth.

Death on the cross

The Jews believe that Jesus Christ is a failure because he was caught, judged and executed by a shameful method – he was nailed to a cross.

The third temple

According to the Jews, the Messiah must build a third temple and restore worship there.

Walled platform of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

After Jesus, the Temple was soon destroyed by the Romans and has not yet been restored. There are now two Muslim temples on Temple Mount.

Will Muslims allow Jews to build a temple? The Jews believe that the one who will do this will be the true Messiah.

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