Why are sharks afraid of dolphins?

Photo by Ranae Smith on Unsplash

Dolphins are cute and playful. Sharks are scary and full of teeth. So how can it be true that a ruthless predator, such as a shark, is afraid of something as cute as a dolphin? Could this be true?

The answer is: yes and no. Sharks certainly don’t cry in horror when they see dolphins. But dolphins can kill sharks, so a smart hunter avoids a herd of dolphins.

Basically, the natural structure of the dolphins’ body gives them a great advantage over sharks. The combination of soft skin and flexible skeletal joints facilitates the rapid movements of dolphins in the fight of their cartilage-filled counterparts.

The anatomy of the dolphin tail offers great agility and a quick change of direction in case of attacks.
Made up of very strong and thick bones, the dolphin’s snout is like a natural ram, and an attack on the shark’s soft belly leads to serious internal wounds.

The main advantage of dolphins

Sharks are solitary predators, while dolphins travel in groups. Whenever a member of the group is in danger, the rest of the herd rushes to defend their friend.

Sharks sometimes attack dolphin chicks. When a shark decides to attack a small dolphin, it usually cannot avoid the attack of an angry herd of dolphins.

Another advantage of dolphins over sharks is intelligence. Using echolocation, dolphins can coordinate quickly.

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