What’s the difference between a sheriff and a cop?

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Although we often see them in movies, many do not know the difference between a sheriff and a policeman. In the United States, sheriffs and police officers perform very different functions, although both are considered law enforcement and the two organizations can cooperate.The purpose of both is to promote public safety.

What is an American sheriff?
A sheriff is a civil servant who, in most cases, is elected by the district population for a fixed term (two to six years) and, together with his assistants whom he calls himself, is responsible for law enforcement in the controlled area.

 A future sheriff must work 1-5 years as a police officer before running for office. Police officers are not elected by the population, but are hired by the Police Department following a competition.

The sheriff's electoral tradition comes from the British colonists. In the days of the first settlers, these professionals were involved in the fight against smuggling, but later the list of tasks grew significantly.

 The first sheriff elections took place in Virginia in 1651, and after that, this practice took root in society.

Chiefs' responsibilities may include managing prisons, guarding government buildings, patrolling, issuing fines, guarding courtrooms, investigating crimes, and more.

One of the most important differences between a sheriff and a police officer is that the sheriff has law enforcement powers throughout the district.
Each police station has a limited jurisdiction (usually operating in large and medium-sized cities). Serfs patrol outside the city limits, although they can sometimes enter police jurisdiction to resolve cases.
 Many believe that in this way, the population has a greater influence on public order and the serif, in turn, being controlled by the electorate, should be more responsible in their work.

The sheriff's offices may coexist with other district law enforcement agencies, such as state police, park police, and so on. Often sheriffs work with the police. The Police Department has specialized people for each category of crimes, such as criminals, traffic control, etc.
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