What a puppy should eat?

cute puppy

A puppy eats a lot…i mean really a lot… Since birth up to 6 months, he will need to eat at least 4 times a day, maybe even four. He needs to eat as much as an adult to have a proper growth. His weight will be double after his first week of life.

You have to buy puppy food, because it’s higher in protein, and contains minerals, vitamins, and fats, which are essentialy for a proper growing. Remember, it is crucial to buy food only from the known companies, if you want your puppy to benefit at the max from the food.

Puppies need to eat many times a day, but not too much at once, no matter is the breed is small or big.

You have to feed the dog from standing position, never from the table, because this encourages begging. It’s a rule that everyone from the family must obay.

At set times, in everyday, you have to feed the puppy., because he needs to learn a schedule.

I hope my tips are useful to you!

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