Under – The world largest subacvatic restaurant

Restaurant Under is placed in the Southern Norway, in Båly, and it’s definetly one unique experience to be costumer of this restaurant. There are more underwater restaurants on the Earth, but they don’t compare with Under.

The space of the restaurant is for about 100 people, and has five hundreds square meters. The arhitecture is special, very futuristic, iit has an expetional goumet menu, and the interior is very warm, welcomly, if I can say so. In The Forbes Magazine, it is placed between “10 coolest places to eat in 2020“, so this says a lot of the submarine restaurant.

The spectacular building was realised with hard work, the goal was for the people to eat in the restaurant in a safe and easy way, after the words of the project manager.

“The building’s function is to take people down to the sea bottom in a safe and easy way. It must be able to withstand the forces of nature – water pressure, waves, and rough weather”, he says.

You can delight the view, experiencing the underwater habitat, seeing all the marines’ creatures and delighting with very tasty and exceptional food, which can be at the surrounding sea, if you like.

Danish chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard is the head-chef of the kitchen, and he says that we can consume fish and seafood, but also local birds, wild sheep, mushrooms, and berries at the restaurant. He says that they work in close cooperation with local fishermen, harvesters, hunters, and the purpose is to provide fresh food, and to create a dish that reflects the landscape.

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