Total blow for all People who have a card at the bank – They can run out of money on the card

Most people have money on their card. Especially during the pandemic, this method of payment was widely used. However, not everyone is aware that they can be extremely easily left without the amounts in the account.

The money on the card can disappear extremely easily. The warning is aimed at all those who keep their savings on their card and go shopping online. Especially in this time of crisis, when stores were closed, people preferred to use internet banking. However, just a moment of inattention can have disastrous financial consequences.

A harsh signal came from law enforcement. Police recently warned bank customers to be very careful about the sites they enter to make payments or money transfers. Lately, there have been several complaints from Romanians who have paid significant amounts from the card. The mistake was that they entered the clone sites, where their money was stolen and their personal data were copied.

How did this happen? Users prefer to search for online banking addresses using the help of search engines, sometimes they reach pages that imitate very well the authentic sites of companies.

Card theft: how it happens

The user enters his card data on such a clone site. While providing login details and security codes for two-step authentication, received by phone or token, this information is retrieved almost instantly by the hackers behind the clone site. They are then entered on the authentic site, where they are used for illegitimate transactions. Thus, the one who made the payment is left without money on the card and with a compromised identity.

To avoid these unpleasant situations, law enforcement officers make several recommendations to those who use internet banking.

▪ Pay attention to the name of the accessed page;

▪ Attention to any change in the authentication process;

▪ If you are not logged in immediately and you are asked for new data, close the browser immediately;

▪ If you receive a confirmation SMS, read it carefully and check that it confirms your procedure.

Security experts also drew attention to the proliferation of these frauds during the pandemic.

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