Top 5 best guarded places in the world

The best guarded places in the world are specific objectives (from prisons to data centers and military installations), but each has its own story.
These buildings are a great demonstration of teamwork and what we are capable of as human beings when we have a common goal. Here are the best guarded places in the world:

5. ADX Prison Florence, USA


It is the best guarded prison in the United States, which means that many extremely dangerous perpetrators live here.
The prison has about 400 prisoners, and their living conditions are not very good. They are offered food and a bed, but live alone for 23 hours a day.

4. Greenbier, USA


It is a modern center for elites. It is located in West Virginia, USA, and covers approximately 4,500 acres of land.
This massive building dates back to 1778, and 26 American presidents came here to relax. Why is it so well guarded? Because of the underground bunker that was built during the Cold War to protect members of Congress.

3. Area 51, USA

Photo by Oliver Pacas on Unsplash

Area 51 is one of the best guarded places in the world. She is shrouded in mystery and only a few people know all her secrets. Besides the fact that this is a mysterious place that is associated with aliens, here there is also an air force base where soldiers are trained. Area 51 is a 15,000-acre lot located in southern Nevada, in the middle of the desert.

2. Fort Knox, USA


You’ve probably heard of this name before. Fort Knox is a military base, but also the largest gold deposit in the United States. How much gold are we talking about? About 4580 tons of gold, or half of the US gold reserve. No wonder this place is very well guarded.

  1. Demilitarized zone of Korea

Although officially called the “demilitarized zone”, in reality it is well guarded by the military.
The area also known as DMZ is a long stretch that crosses Korea and divides it between North and South. This strip has a length of 250 km and a width of 4 km, being constantly monitored.

The border is closed and therefore no one is allowed to cross it; it is so guarded that people trying to cross it are killed on both sides.

The only way to get from North Korea to South Korea or vice versa is to bypass China or Russia.

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