Will power: Angus Barbieri, the man who didn’t eat anything for 382 days

In 1965, Angus Barbieri, aged 27, was admitted to Dundee Hospital, Scotland, due to weight problems. Back then, he weighed 207 kilograms.

Angus Barbieri at the start of his starvation period (left) and a year later, when he ate again, “like for the first time”. Photo: The World News

Due to the need to lose weight, the young man decided to refuse food, but on the condition that he be followed by a doctor. Below we present to you how Angus Barbieri managed to live for so long without eating.

Barbieri initially planned to stay without food for 40 days. But his body tolerated the refusal of food so well, that the young man decided to continue the experiment, with the aim of reaching his ideal weight.

The man’s daily diet consisted of water, tea, mineral water and coffee. In addition, he took supplements based on vitamins and yeast, especially vitamin C. From the 92nd day, the doctors prescribed him to take potassium tablets, and from the 345th, salt.

Angus Barbieri’s pants say a lot about the hard fight he fought with the pounds and won. Photo: Learning History

Surprisingly, the only thing that alerted the doctors was the low level of blood sugar, but the level was within the normal range, being the body’s reaction to the lack of food. The strange thing is that he didn’t have any other problems with body functions.

The young man felt so well that the doctors let him go home from the hospital. Therefore, Barbieri constantly came to the hospital for tests.

Will power. During the starvation period, Angus Barbieri also did light exercise. Photo: Pinterest

In 382 days, the young man lost 125 kilograms. His weight, at the end of the experiment, was 82 kilograms, being the desired one. Moreover, Angus managed to stay around this weight for several years. In the remaining 24 years of his life, he gained only 7 kilograms.

Angus Barbieri’s period without food made it into the Book of Records, in the 1971 edition. However, because it is considered an unhealthy eating style, the Book of Records no longer registers this type of record since 2016.

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