Joe Metheny – The Cannibal Killer Who Sold Victims As Burgers

There were many serial killers, each with strange fetishes, passions or rituals, in planning the assassinations. Joe Metheny, an American, is one of the serial killers who practiced these rituals.

When police arrested Hoe in December 1996, they did not know all the gruesome details of his crimes. He seemed quite balanced mentally, until he was abandoned by his wife in 1994. Leaving for her boyfriend with their son, he didn’t even say goodbye to Joe. The woman was addicted to drugs, and Joe knew this, and he had some idea of where his wife would be. Without thinking too much, he picked up an ax and went in search of her.

Arriving at a place for homeless people, where the man sensed that his wife was there, she was not there. Very nervous that he could not find his wife, he killed two homeless people who were sleeping there, and then he had to kill a fisherman who happened to be there because he had witnessed the horrific crimes. When he calmed down, Joe threw the bodies into the water and headed for his home.

Joe Metheny quickly became the prime suspect in the murders, and spent a year and a half in solitary confinement, waiting for his trial to begin. The swineherd could not prove the man guilty because the wounds on the corpses had been washed away by the river water, and he was therefore released. After coming out of solitary confinement, Joe continued to look for his wife. After a while, he raped, then killed two prostitutes. He dismembered their corpses, cut the flesh off their bones, froze it, burying the rest.

Shortly after these horrific events, the man opened a fast food restaurant, where he sold burgers himself. The butcher made his own meatballs, mixing beef, pork and human.

As the human flesh runs out of fast food, the killer maniac sets off in search of new victims. The products sold by Metheny were very popular with the locals, but also with the truckers who frequented his school. But no one suspected that the purchased burgers contained human flesh. After his arrest, he said: “Human meat is very similar to pork, if you mix it with animal meat you will not find any difference.”

Joe Metheny at jail

The killer was caught in 1996, when one of his victims managed to escape. He pleaded not guilty to killing ten people. However, the authorities managed to gather evidence for only 5 people killed by Joe, despite his statements.

The man did not feel guilty and had no remorse for his crimes, but his regret was that he failed to find his wife. Could you imagine what would have happened if he had found his wife?

After the trial was over, the killer was found guilty and sentenced to death. Four years later, in 2000, the sentence was overturned and turned into two life sentences. Joe Metheny died in 2017 after being found dead in his cell.

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