Story of a Hot Dog

We all ate, for various times I suppose, this simple food…hot dog. But what is a hot dog? The hot dog appeared in Germany, but the simple recipe (sausage plus bun, ketchup and mustard) caught on quickly in all the world. The americans turned this simple dish into an art. The New York hot dog is the most famous, perhaps in the world.  A spicy brown mustard and either sauerkraut or onions sautéed with tomato paste hot dog topped is the original recipe from the Big Apple.

How can we improve the recipe?

If we add salads on the hot dog, this is better, healthier. This is the best way to improve the hot dog. But we can choose to put some vegetables on it, like onions or peppers.A guilty pleasure, that’s how I choose to call if I eat once in a while a hot dog.

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