China is building a rocket fleet by 2031 to deflect the asteroid Bennu

Experts at China’s National Space Research Center have published a plan to develop a rocket fleet by 2031. Through it, they want to change the direction of the asteroid Bennu and send it as far away from Earth as possible.

Between 2175 and 2199, the asteroid Bennu will approach Earth at a distance of 7.5 million kilometers. Bennu is currently a potentially dangerous asteroid, with a 0.037% probability of hitting our planet. September 24, 2182 will be the highest risk of hitting the planet.

The Chinese performed complex simulations on very technologically advanced computers, discovering that a simultaneous blow with 23 Long March 5 missiles, each weighing 900 tons, could deflect the asteroid, causing it to pass the planet without collision. According to experts, if the 23 rockets hit the asteroid, they would deflect it 1.4 times the radius of our planet, which is 6,371 kilometers.

“An asteroid collision poses a serious threat to all life on Earth. The asteroid’s deflection is essential to avoid this threat,” said engineer Mingato Li of the National Space Research Center in the Chinese capital. Experts also say that the Long March 5 missiles will require minimal modifications before the mission to save the planet from the “apocalypse” begins.

The asteroid that could destroy life on Earth

Bennu asteroid. Foto: NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona

Bennu belongs to the class of carbon asteroids, with a diameter of 510 m. Scientists have calculated that if it landed on Earth, its speed would be 12.86 km / s, but no one can say exactly what the consequences would be. collisions.

Although the chances of hitting the planet are quite low, Bennu remains one of the most dangerous asteroids known in our solar system, along with another asteroid called the 1950 DA.

Most researchers have concluded that 66 million years ago, an asteroid hit the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, causing the extinction of more than 75% of the species that lived on the planet, including the extinction of dinosaurs.

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