How to Avoid Unsafe Drinking Water

Water is crucial for all known forms of life. Despite general knowledge, it provides no calories or organic nutriments. Water is the most important substance we consume, but we have to be cautious before putting it in your body.

Among the first things which can be done for preventing dangerous water, is to inquire the autorities in your city about water reports, to know the quality of water. If you live in an area with a lot of rock it is recommended to test for radon. It is strongly recommended to have your water tested annually for bacteria.

It’s very useful to know the telltale signs that your water may be unsafe to drink. The obvious ones are if your water looks, smells, or tastes strange, is cloudy, or colored. If you’re experiencing unexplained health issues, you may want to check to see if it isn’t your water that is causing you harm. 

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Certain contaminants, namely lead, travel into your water more quickly when it is warm or hot. Because of this, let your water run for a few seconds before drinking from it, until it is as cold as it will get. This also allows you to quickly flush out your pipes and faucets before using them, which may slightly decrease your chances of drinking contaminated water. Do this also when filling up water to cook with, as many contaminants, including lead, cannot be boiled out.

You can also take preventative measures such as replacing old or rusty pipes and/or faucets in your home, or purchasing a water filter or other water treatment system, or requesting a water test.


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