How Much Does Photovoltaic Panels Cost To Have Free Power At Home? In What Period Do You Recover Your Investment?

The price of electricity has exploded recently, and more and more people are heading for an investment in photovoltaic panels. How much does it cost to get free electricity at home and how long does it take to get the investment back?

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Photovoltaic panels produce energy from solar radiation. Silicon cells capture sunlight and convert it into electricity using an inverter. It is a useful solution for those who want to have lower costs for a home, being part of the category of renewable energy sources.
If you are planning to install a residential photovoltaic system on the roof of the house, surely the first question that comes to mind is “How much does it cost me?”.

The answer to this question is not at all simple, and this is because it involves several factors that can influence the price of the panels.

A few photovoltaic panels on a small house; Photo:Unsplash

How much do photovoltaic panels cost and how long do you pay for the investment?
To install photovoltaic panels you need to consider several aspects. The roof of the house, the weather conditions and how long there is natural light in the area, and to know how many photovoltaic panels you need, you need to know the surface, the type of roof and energy consumption.
According to experts, photovoltaic panels are divided into three systems: on-grid, off-grid and hybrid.
A complete system of photovoltaic panels can reach the price of 1,600 euros per kilowatt installed. There are also under 1,000 euros, at a different quality. An off-grid solar panel system (independent system for a home located in a remote area away from the national grid) that powers a TV, 4 LED bulbs and a 30-40 Watt refrigerator starts at 1,100 Of euro. For an on-grid system, placed on the roof of the house, the price starts from 0.8 – 1 euro / watt peak. The price of an installation starts at 3,200 euros.

Installing solar panels is a profitable investment, but the money will pay off in about 5-10 years. Solar energy is able to cover up to 50-70% of the consumption of thermal energy, hot water and electricity, and during the summer the percentage reaches 100%.

Careful! These prices are mostly valid in the European region! The prices of photovoltaic panels differ from state to state!

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