History of Corn


The corn, as we know it today, does not exist naturally in the wild, being a human invention. We, humans, have cultivated this plant, and we help at his growing.

The corn has his roots in Mexico, according to scientists, for about seven thousands years. It has a veri exciting history, because it descends from teosinte, which was a wild grass, and looked different from the corn, as we know it today. Kernels of the corn were small, and looked very different from the modern corn. The teosinte was knows as maize. Maize was very important for the Indians which lived in North America and in South America, because it become the main crop of their food.

But the journey of the corn was only at the beggining in Mexico. From there, it travelled into north, in the Southwestern United States, and there in the south of Peru. When the Indian migrated north of present day North America, they took corn with them, about 1000 years ago.

When Cristopher Columbus made contact with Indian people who lived in America, he realized that he discoverd this magnificient plant, and also realized that the corn was the main source of food for them. At the time, the people which lived in Europe didn’t know about the corn. Even if Columbus tooked the corn with him in Europe, he had introduced new types of plants in Americas.

Today, we know that there are many types of corn, such as: sweet corn, flint corn or dent corn. We use corn for a lot of things. Except food, corn is used to the clothing industry, the animals are fed with corn, a lot of sodas and soft drinks are sweetened with corn syrup, the ink can also have corn, the ethanol is mady with corn. Marshmallow, glue, aspirin and ice cream are a few more products which contains corn.

We are developind day after day new ways to use this gorgeous plant, which is the corn.

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