Healthy Food on Rocket Grill

Rocket Grill is one of the newest invention, regarding cooking. Basically, it is a modern grill, which is powered by woods, it works like a stove.

After the fire is turned on, you can put the vegetables, like tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and others on it, or other vegetables. But you can cook also the meat on it, the fire and the wood is changing the taste of the foods, transforming it into something rustic, magic, extremely tasty.

At the image from above, chef cooked meat and vegetables also. A few pieces of red onion, mushrooms, and a couple of stakes were cooked very good, and the taste was magnificient, chef said.

Way of preparing food

The vegetables were carefully prepared, wit only salt and pepper into them. The meat is cut and salt and pepper were added on it, no other spices were needed. Food prepared in such manner it’s extremely healhty. It is a great experience, and if you visit Bulgaria, you can always try food cooked on rocket grill.

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