Healthy Croatian Salad

The chicken is one of my favorite meat for cooking. It is very tasty, it looks great and it is healthy for our health. I put near the salad chicken breast and a few grilled sausages.

I prepared the salad with fresh lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, a few olives, couple of pieces of chicken breast, a couple of green onions, and parsley.

I mixed all together with olive oil and vinegar, and the taste was very fresh, delicious.

One main ingredient, at every salad, is lettuce. I use lettuce a lot, because of its taste and its healthy properties. Tomatoes are important also, and cucumber. The olive and vinegar combines the fresh taste, and they both are good for our health.

I don’t want to tell you the exact quantities, you can put every ingredient depending for how much you wanna eat, but you have to create a nice balance between them.

At the first, this recipe was prepared in Croatia, and spread quickly all over the world, because it’s simple and delicious.

I hope you will enjoy this magnificient recipe! Enjoy your meal!

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