Countries who Eat Crocodile Meat

Crocodile is an aquatic reptile famous for inhabiting large geographical regions across the world, mostly in the tropics in Africa, Australia, Asia and the Americas – basically wherever a water body is found. These ferocious preys, as scary and deadly as they are, still falls under the food chain of the ever exploring taste of man.

Photo Source: Ezequiel Garrido 

As for Croc business, give it up to Africa and Asia. For other countries, the water creature may be an endangered species, but not for the aforementioned continents.

Crocodile Meat

While most of us would like to stick to beef, chicken and porks, others savour Crocodile meat and consider it as better than pork and chicken. Those who have tasted Croc meat said it’s pure white and odorless meat, plus it’s clean. Waw!.

The bulk of the croc meat is said to be consumed by locals from Nairobi and other city folks in Kenya visit the Mamba farm to view the crocodiles and then feast on mouth-watering crocodile steaks. While your nerves are still sending signals to your brain to how/why people eat Crocodile here are some countries to make it sink.

Crocodile Business and Countries where it thrives

Crocodile farmers supply luxury brands with the skin to make fashion accessories. It has become a booming venture with massive financial potentials, especially in Africa and Asia. But croc business doesn’t come easy. Experienced farmers explain that besides the fatal risk, it requires confidence, great patience and perseverance for an investment that spans from 5 to 8 years before one can make profits.

Extra benefits come with making the crocodile farm into a sanctuary where people can pay gate fees to watch them. Once one is sold for its meat and skin, other parts like the skull, teeth and skeleton can also be sold to curio makers.

The business is rated among the best ventures with the highest possible returns. 


Kenya is known as a haven for Crocodiles, thus the people decided to make the best of it. Crocodile farms are a huge and lucrative business in the country, where the reptiles are raised for their hides and meat. While the hides of crocs are traditionally used by handbags and shoe industry, upmarket restaurants in the country prepare the meat as a delicacy for the locals who believe consuming the meat boosts male libido. Kenya grossly makes a whopping sum of $67 million from croc business.

In some parts of Nigeria, there is a croc meat market where fishermen make a good deal of money selling the meat and hides. South Africa reportedly makes the highest profit of $79m in export, followed by Zambia $71m and Zimbabwe $36m.


In Asian countries like the Philipines, China, Cambodia, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, crocodile meat is a delicacy and a business venture that is highly patronized. Siem Reap, Cambodia is one popular place travellers recommend for crocodile meat. While some restaurants serve crocodile meat herbal soups, a restaurant hub in and around Pub Street offering BBQ, or Phnom Pleung (Hill of Fire) are making a cuisine out of it. The meat is either serve as crocodile burger, crocodile pizza as well as served raw for customers to roast it on their BBQ.  According to travellers, the croc meat burger was tender like chicken; chewy, like scallops but tender. Think you can give it a try?

Photo by Geoff Greenwood on Unsplash

In Thailand, two restaurants in the Bangkok area reportedly specialize in Crocodile meat dishes, many of whose customers are Chinese. In 2017, it was reported that there are not enough crocs to meet the market demand, especially since its leather products fell more than 60 per cent in 2016.

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