3 Drinks to prepare yourself at home

1.Cappe Codder Cocktail  

Also known as Vodka Cranberry, the drink is very easy to prepare. You need only vodka and cranberry juice to prepare this magnificient drink. If you add grapefruit juice you transform it into Sea Breeze, or orange juice, to create a Madras.


It is made with light rum, lime juice freshly squeezed, sugar syrup and lime twist.Add the rum, demerara sugar syrup in a shaker with ice, and mix it until it’s well-chilled. Strain into a chill coupe and then add a lime twist, for a sensational look.

3.Gin and Tonic

Many drinkers prefer this drink, because it is preparing very easy. Just mix gin with tonic water, and you obtain a nice drink. You can add a juice from the fridge, for a better drinkind experience.

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