16 crimes for which you are executed in Saudi Arabia

The death penalty is the most severe punishment applied today in the world. This punishment has a long bloody history and it is estimated that 60% of the world’s population lives in countries that practice the death penalty: China, USA, India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

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In Saudi Arabia, on average, an execution takes place every 3 days, according to an Amnesty International report.

The execution rate has risen sharply in recent years, with foreign nationals working in Saudi Arabia accounting for a significant percentage of those receiving the death penalty.

Of the 1,695 convicted and executed from 1985 to 2015, 825 were foreign nationals, according to the same report.

Although it is an oil-rich country, and most people live well because of this, there are enough crimes for which the death penalty is applied.

Below is a list of 16 crimes for which you receive the death penalty in Saudi Arabia:

  • qualified murder;
  • the crime that was not premeditated;
  • acts of terrorism;
  • rape;
  • adultery;
  • betrayal;
  • homosexual sexual act;
  • robbery;
  • arson;
  • robbery
  • drug distribution;
  • drug possession;
  • drug use;
  • public disclaimer of religion;
  • spies;
  • sorcery.
King Salman Of Saudi Arabia; Photo: www.voanews.com

In many countries there are minimum and maximum penalties for various crimes – or a criminal code. In Saudi Arabia, this is virtually non-existent.

According to vocativ.com, crimes such as murder, adultery and “consensual relationships between adults of the same gender” are subject to specific punishments and, in each of these cases, death.

Critics say this lack of a penal code gives judges a big say in the sentences they hand down, allowing them to impose death sentences, usually executed by beheading, somewhat arbitrarily.

Saudi Arabia is an absolutist monarchy. Succession to the throne is hereditary, the king must be Ibn Saud’s successor.

The royal family, called Saud, controls everything in the country, its members fulfilling the main functions in the state. Even the name of the country, Saudi Arabia, comes from the Saud family.

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