15 Curiosities about Penguins

There are about 20 species of penguins living in Antarctica, New Zealand, South Africa, South America and Australia.
We have compiled below a list of 15 curiosities that people do not know about these amazing animals.

1. Penguins Have no teeth

2.Almost all penguin species are monogamous (they have the same partner all their lives).

3.Prehistoric penguins were much larger than they are today, weighed almost as much as a human and were up to two meters tall.

4.Penguins are good at jumping and can jump up to almost 2 meters.

5.For every 50,000 births, a penguin will be born with brown fur, not black.

6.These animals sleep a lot in the afternoon.

7.Imperial penguins can dive to a depth of almost 500 meters, managing to hold their breath for almost half an hour.

8.Imperial penguins exchange roles: males hatch eggs and females go in search of food.

9.A penguin was decorated and promoted to the rank of Brigadier by the Norwegian Cavalry.

10.Australia has hired a group of snipers to protect a colony of penguins from predators.

11.There are no penguins at the North Pole, but they exist in Madagascar.

12.Seals often rape penguins.

13.Although they live in families, penguins spend most of their time away from their partner.

14.Most penguins nest in the place where they were born.

15.When a penguin mother loses a chick, she tends to steal a chick from another penguin family.

Photo by Dmitriy Serafin on Unsplash
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