10 curiosities about Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great was one of the greatest military leaders in history, according to many specialists. Below you will find 10 curiosities about it.

1. He untied the Gordian Knot. While wanting to conquer Asia Minor, Alexander the Great decided to try to untie the Gordian Knot. After several failed attempts, he got angry and cut him in half with his sword. According to legend, who managed to untie the Gordian Knot.

2. One of the greatest philosophers of the time and of the world himself, Aristotle, was Alexander’s teacher for 3 years.

3. He founded and named more than 70 cities after him, the most famous in the world being the city of Alexandria in Egypt.

4. His military tactics and strategies are studied today in military academies everywhere. From the moment he won the first battle, at the age of 18, until the age of 32, the age at which he died, Alexander did not lose any battle.

5. Alexander the Great was Pharaoh of Egypt, king of Persia and king of Macedonia at the same time. From here you can deduce how huge the territory he conquered was.

6. He had 2 sons. Alexander IV with his first wife, Raxana, and Herakle, with the mistress Barsine. Unfortunately, after his death, both children were murdered.

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7. He participated in a drinking contest with his soldiers. After the contest ended, it is said that 42 soldiers died intoxicated with alcohol.

8. The famous conqueror washes his hair daily with saffron to keep it shiny and orange

9. Even today, the cause of his death remains unknown. He is thought to have died of one of the following diseases: lung infection, typhoid fever, liver failure, or malaria.

10. In memory of his horse, Bucephalus, fallen in battle, named a city Alexandria Bucephalous. He is currently in Pakistan.

The place of his tomb is one of the great mysteries of mankind that is still unsolved.

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